Fighting Crime in Stirling is still the number one priority for the Coalition

Crime in our local community has always been of great concern to many Stirling residents and I believe it is my job to speak out against the antisocial behaviour that we are all so sick of. All members of the Stirling community have the right to feel safe and secure in their own homes and I will con... ... more

Surf Life Savers Invaluable to the Stirling Community.

With the summer months coming to an end, I believe it is important to take the time to acknowledge the hard work that our local surf life savers and club volunteers do to keep the beaches safe for all Stirling residents. The surf clubs throughout Stirling do a fantastic job during the busy summer p... ... more

Welcome to the Keenan Column

Each month the Keenan Column will inform all Stirling Residents of the local and federal issues that are affecting our community and what I am doing to achieve important results for Stirling. As your local member I rely on your feedback and input to best represent the Stirling electorate. If you n... ... more