Where I Stand

Having been born and raised in Stirling, I believe that this is the best place in Western Australia to live, work and raise a family. Having lived in Stirling for most of my life, I know the enormous sense of community that exists here.

Living and working locally for many years also means that I have had the chance to talk with many of our young people, families, workers and small business owners in order to find out what is important to them – and what must be fought for in order for our communities to plan for the future with confidence.

This means keeping our local economy strong, our families protected, our children educated to the highest level, and our environment protected and preserved for future generations.

As the local MP, I endeavour to set goals based on this constant stream of information from the local community – and to make sure they are followed through so that the job gets done. Since I was elected in 2004 we have secured many millions of dollars in funding for important projects such as vital infrastructure for schools, huge incentives for small businesses, and money to improve the very worst black spots on our roads.

It is everyone’s right to feel safe and secure in their own homes and it is also my job to speak out on the crime and antisocial behaviour that we are all so sick of – including hoons on our streets and the senseless graffiti plaguing our communities.

Although I am primarily focused on delivering positive outcomes to local issues as a member of the Australian Government, I am working closely with the WA Liberal Government to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people of Stirling and Western Australia for it to finally fulfill its obligations to the people of Stirling, and indeed Western Australia, on the issue of crime. Primarily, it is their responsibility to provide a fully resourced police service.

I think the people of Stirling deserve better – and our community safety is worth fighting for.

We have great challenges in front of us and there is a great deal more to be done, but I want Stirling to continue to be a great place to live, work, start a business and raise a family – and everything I do is geared towards achieving those goals for us all.

My top 5 priorities

As your local Member of Parliament, I am committed to fighting on local issues through local action, to ensure that our area remains one of the best places in WA to live, work and raise a family.

While together as a community we have already achieved so much, there is a lot more to be done – with the issues of crime, jobs and the environment among my top priorities.

My top 5 priorities are:

  1. Making our community a safer place. I worked hard to deliver CCTVs throughout the electorate and why I continue to work closely with our local police officers to help make our community a safer place to live.
  2. Reducing graffiti and vandalism. I support the Graffiti Taskforce so that action is taken and offenders that are caught are punished.
  3. Protecting local jobs. The instability and anti-investment policies of the former Government have resulted in an economic position where Australia’s growth is below trend. The Coalition will reduce taxes, cut regulation and provide certainty to businesses to promote economic growth in order to create 2 million jobs over the next decade.
  4. Improving local roads. It is critical that our local roads are as safe as possible for all road users. Given the significance of Reid Highway as an arterial road, I believe it is critical that improvements be made to ease congestion. In the past I fought for the overpasses over both Mirrabooka Avenue and Alexander Drive and will continue to advocate for widening of Reid Highway west of Erindale Road, including a duplicate bridge.
  5. Supporting environmental projects. Protecting the local environment is vital to maintaining the Stirling quality of life. The Coalition will build the largest standing environmental workforce in Australia’s history and deliver local on-the-ground environmental projects in Stirling and around Australia.

As your local member, I want to make sure that more things get done right here at home and I am more determined than ever to make ours one of the best places in Western Australia to live, work and raise a family.